Sunday, December 12, 2010

The modified pull up test has been found to be a reliable test in primary, middle, and high school students. The test has great advantages with few zero scores and a wide range of scores. It is a great test for upper body strength for males and females.

Traditionally the pull-up was used as a measure of arm and shoulder girdle strength and endurance. This measure did not discriminate among ability levels because many zero scores occur.

Modified Pull-Up test has been used as an alternative to the pull-up because it has been successfully demonstrated at all skill levels, is capable of non-discriminating among ability levels, and can be used by males and females.

The test went smooth for the students and the scores ranged. The majority of the students fell in to the category of healthy level. Boys health level ranged from fourteen to twenty nine modified pull ups. The girl’s healthy level ranged from seven to thirteen. The students did the modified pull ups with the proper form intended. Since this test is created and based around form, I as the test administrator had to stop only few students due to incorrect form. The boys fit level was thirty or more modified pull ups and only three had broken that mark. The girls had an astonishing five students who completed a fit level of fourteen or more modified pull ups. The needs improvement category had only two students.

The next step is to have another test in the spring time to see the student’s gains and improvements. The second test will have four stations with each student having a partner to assist during the test. Since they are in pairs the test will run faster and have students compete rather than just do the modified pull ups and forget about the scores.
The modified pull ups test is a valid test due to the different range of scores through the class. If a test administrator has a pull up test and fifteen out of the twenty students score a zero, the administrator has nothing to show except failure. If the test administrator has scores ranging from five to fifty modified pull ups, the school and students can set their goal for the next test.

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